Commercial Locksmith

Coristine Locksmith has been enthusiastically serving the Newport, RI community for many years.

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The commercial locksmith to call in Newport, RI is definitely Coristine Locksmith. These locksmith experts are just as humble and helpful today as the day they started in the business. You won’t find a friendliergroup of locksmiths within a hundred miles of the city. However, it is their knowledge, experience, and attention to detail that have set them apart from other locksmith providers in the commercial community. They have learned to allow their expertise,their commitment, and their dedication to for themselves. These locksmiths excel in a variety of commercial locksmith services. Some of those truly effective services include: • Business lockouts • Lock rekeying • Lock repair • Key duplication • High-security locks • Master key systems Coristine Locksmith provides rapid responses to commercial lockout situations in Newport, RI. When you are locked out of your business or commercial establishment, their commercial locksmith will rush to the rescue. Sometimes the key is not lost, but simply broken off in the lock. Their locksmiths can solve this problem in no time. And since they offer emergency locksmith service, they will come out whenever the need arises. If you’ve recently lost or let go of a manager, consider calling Coristine Locksmith. You could change the locks just in case the manager somehow duplicates their key, but it is much more cost effective to have the lock rekeyed. At Coristine Locksmith, they can rekey the lock to fit other keys and the problem will be solved. Sometimes business locks are damaged by an attempted break-in. The lock may still be salvageable. They can do amazing things by utilizing their lock repair skills. If you need a commercial locksmith in Newport, RI you can trust Coristine Locksmith. Call today to find out more!